Saturday, April 7, 2012


There's no clear theme to these pictures. Except to say that Nana and Tapa are visiting and we're super duper busy.

S has rediscovered the sandbox in the yard. It will be 50 degrees and breezy, and her nose will be bright red from the cold, and she'll still be hysterical that we're making her leave the thing. She found a willing buddy with Tapa. Which is great, because it allowed me to stay warm inside :)

Her diapers have become somewhat of an obsession. So we put one on her baby doll. After she yelled for a "mat" so she could change her on a proper changing pad.

That one was definitely too big. So we switched to a prefold. Still hefty, but hey, it works.

Reading with Tapa. Nuff said

My latest finished project. Pattern and yarn courtesy of my brother. It's a pocket tunic for all of S's treasures. I can't wait for her to wear it.

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trina said...

Love the pocket tunic AND sandbox time with Tapa.