Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Family Fun

Since browing Pinterest (a LOT), I've found some lovely recipes, and decided to try one this morning. Just to get everyone level-set, here was our morning:

  • Alarm goes off at 7am so I can get up and do a few things before I get ready for church
  • Decide that I can go to church later and flop back into bed
  • Small child wakes up around 7:30, but chooses to putter around in her room until 8:30 while her exhausted parents snooze
  • Go in to find totally naked small child, new diaper in hand, telling me she's ready for "doo diaper" and "doo shirt" (that's new diaper and new shirt in toddler-ese). But no new pants. She is adamant. And brings her changing pad from the table so she can get changed on the floor
  • Attempt to get small child to snuggle in the bed, at which point she flatly refuses and wants to go downstairs (said child yells "downstairs" multiple times)
  • Take her downstairs and make oatmeal while Daddy gets ready for his "shift" (we split mornings and afternoons on the weekends so each of us gets S time and each of us can get stuff done)

At some point I decided I'd throw "make a blueberry cake" into the mix, and that doing it in between my shower and drying my hair was a fabulous idea.

So I head down to find J doing dishes, S playing in her learning tower (seriously, best $ we spent last year), and I want to make cake. We decide to make it a family affair.

S stirred the water and powdered buttermilk together, and helped me "dump" it into the mixing bowl. She insisted on adding the vanilla in as well, and grabbed quite a few blueberries to snack on along the way. The 3 of us were doing this fun little dance of adding ingredients to the mixer and getting our cake ready.

Then someone got to lick the beater:

At some point she tried to say "cheese" while shoving batter into her mouth

I really meant it when I said "no pants"

The cake took longer to bake than we thought, so J had to come rescue it from the oven after he dropped me off at church. But I think it turned out lovely

That missing piece is the bite I just had. It's a tad on the dry side, but otherwise delightful.

Good job Team L

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