Monday, April 16, 2012

Good day sunshine

It was another amazingly warm day this year in New England, and we took full advantage of it. S was outside most of the day. Mommy, the whitest of the white girls, already has a sunburn ::sigh:: We started with a morning run to our favorite tot lot. Mommy met some other great mommies and S ran. And ran. And ran. One of the moms recommended a local ice cream shop, so we hit that on the way home. Little Miss slept for a good couple of hours, even after napping in the car.

In the afternoon, we stayed in the yar. Which meant the sandbox. And the ball. And the tricycle.

Madame Supervisor, directing sand movement

Love the windblown look

At some point, S ditched the shoes

Ball time!

This is her typical pose during ball time. She yells "watch!" and sits down to watch someone else do all the work

Just playing in the grass...

The ball. Again

Getting ready to watch. Again

This is what happens when you tell her to say cheese

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