Friday, August 19, 2011

Trying to be a photographer--ha!

Our apartment building has these beautiful flowers in front of the leasing office. I had this dream in mind of putting S in a summer dress, plopping her down among the flowers, and taking perfect shots of her.

Then reality set in. We were traveling, or it was too hot, or raining, or why would I stick my kid in a dress?

Yesterday she wanted to go for a walk, and she was in a bright summer ensemble, so I figured I'd at least give it a shot.

On her way over to the leasing office. With her new purse. They're her latest obsession, and her grandmothers are indulging her every chance they get

I call this the Urban Shot

Contemplating her next move

The Riot of Color

Actually posing for me. Note the perfect purse placement

These are the flowers. Pretty, no?

Detour to check out the putting green

I just found this funny

My attempt at the garden shot. Gotta work on the shoe placement, and those shorts are too big. I saw a lot of diaper in my pictures before I cropped them

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trina said...

Man, she is looking so grown up. And it's not just the purse. I love that last pensive shot. So cute.