Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Enjoying being homebound

The week has started off cold, and wet, and rainy. Which is just fine by me. We need rain. And I need a reason to stay in the apartment after running ourselves ragged for the last 4 months. Just hanging out, finding things to occupy our afternoons, and taking pictures.

S watching ESPN and carrying her purse. Don't you love the Ralph Lauren polo dress? It's my new favorite outfit (sorry to the grandmothers)

S's latest thing. She found Aunt Irene's blanket in the living room and scrambled up on the sofa with it. She loves to snuggle at least once a day under her blankie

A rare self-portrait wtih my little girl. Yeah, it's blurry. Sue me.

S watching Sesame Street. Yes, I let her watch 20 minutes when I remember it's on. Sue me. Again.

S is starting to figure out that your legs go into pants, how shoes go on her feet, and that your foot goes into the open part of the sock. I helped her put mine on just for fun. She's much better at taking them off.

Drawing with crayons. We spent probably 45 minutes doing this yesterday afternoon. So much fun.

Now that we've caught our breath we can get back into the swing of things. I have some freelance work coming in, which fills the quiet times. And I've picked up my knitting needles again. Wait until you see what I'm making. J is easing nicely back into work and we're looking forward to enjoying MA for a while.

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