Friday, January 7, 2011

Baby's first snow day

We finally had our first snow accumulation today--maybe 3 inches or so. I (of course) had to take pictures of the great outdoors

This is our hawthorn tree we planted in spring 2009. I love this tree. It looks neat every season. The red berries against the white snow were just beautiful.

And our evergreens fit right in with the decor ;)

::Dr L makes list to include trimming back the grasses::

So of course this was a perfect opportunity to suit S up and get her out in the snow for the first time. There is zero wind, it's pretty warm (all things considered--it's in the low 30s), and she had a snow suit that I got for $12 at a consignment sale.

"I don't get all this gear but the hood looks interesting"

"Crawling in this getup? You have to be kidding"

I bundled us both up and plopped her in the middle of the back yard.

"OK, what now?"

"Hmmm, what's this?"

"I'm much more content sitting on Mommy's lap and watching the neighbors"

"Seriously, how many shots in the snow do you want?"

Basically she was nonplussed. S tends to "shut down" in the cold, where she just sits there and doesn't say much. She's like that on more brisk mornings when we've gone for a walk. I think she was just taking in the newness of it all. It should be more entertaining when she can run around in the white stuff.

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