Thursday, October 28, 2010

Colorful crafty update

Not long ago, I posted a crafy update, including a really cute newborn Santa-style hat and a floral scarf in a rainbow of colors. I may have mentioned I wanted to repeat the hat, but in a blue and white stripe.


I also mentioned I was working on a hat to go with the scarf, again in a rainbow of colors.

And...done! I love this hat. It came out the perfect size (which is a miracle, because I typically crochet big and have to majorly alter things to get it to work out right). It's also some of the softest wool I've played with in a while. It's successes like this that makes me pine for colder weather.

Here it is on my head in a close-up so you can see the stripes in living color.

Of course, this has freed me up to add more projects to my queue. I've been meaning to start some mittens for S, and I have a hat I started for J that needs some work, and I found a great pattern to go with the sky blue alpaca I bought last weekend.

Thank God my child naps.