Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gonna talk crochet for a bit

When I'm waxing philosophical about yarn crafts, I'm usually talking knitting. Which is funny, because I just learned to knit a few years ago, and I've been crocheting off and on since I was 7. In some ways crochet is still better in my mind. It goes faster, there are some super fun projects, and I can kick back and go wild.

So while we were on our New England road trip (just scroll down, you'll see the highlights), I sat in the back with S and crocheted a neck warmer. It looked lovely and lacy, it called for alpaca (and I had some), and it looked doable in a few days on the road.

I love alpaca. Even lighter weights are super warm, and I have some I got straight off an alpaca farm. I could basically look at the source in the shop's back yard while I made my purchase.

It turns out that, despite thinking they were all the same shade, my alpaca skeins were slightly different. So my neck warmer ended up two-toned.

Don't see it? Don't worry, I have a better picture:

I decided it didn't matter, and it sort of added to the charm of the piece. It's going to be all squished around someone's neck anyway, so having tonal shades mixing with each other might look kind of cool.

Behold me modeling my creation. Nice, no?

I also finished a knitted tank top this week. The picture is just a bit more revealing than I planned, so I'll post when I make it a bit more sedate ;)

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