Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cloth diaper answer for Lindsay

In my comments section, Lindsay asked me a question about cloth diapers. If all-in-ones are the most convenient, why not use just that type? Is the cost differential really that great?

I paraphrase.

There are a few reasons to get a variety of diapers.

1. What works for one baby, or at one age, may not work for another. Fitted diapers are generally better on newborns. Some diapers work better on babies with thinner or fatter thighs, or with a higher or lower waist. And all that may change as they get older.
2. Convenience isn't that big a difference (at least in my opinion) with prefolds vs AIOs. Though AIOs work more easily with squirmy babies ;)
3. And the cost differential, broken down below

So here's the cost breakdown, per

Thirsties (sized) all in one: $18
Blueberry one-sized all-in-one: $25
Thirsties Fab Fitted: $12-14
Prefolds: $28/dozen
Covers: $11.50 (Thirsties), $15-25 (wool)

So those are some of the reasons for all the differences. There are some people who do nothing but prefolds and covers. I'm not one of them ;) I'm too addicted to the pretty patterns.

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Nikki1007 said...

I don't like AIO's. They take FOREVER to dry and are pretty bulky. I personally love pockets. I am also loving the fitteds. I like having different types because it makes diaper changes exciting. lol. Its like "oooh what do we want to try now."