Monday, July 19, 2010

Entering the wonderful world of solids

At S's 4 month appointment a couple of weeks ago, the doctor gave us the go ahead to give her solids. We held off for a few reasons:

1. She wasn't sitting up that great and I felt she needed a little bit stronger core ;)
2. Every parenting decision is debated by moms of all stripes, and I was a bit swayed by people who thought you should wait until close to 6 months to introduce solids
3. S didn't seem to be chomping at the bit, as it were, to eat from a spoon
4. We didn't have a high chair

Well, all those concerns started to melt away over the last couple of weeks. She's sitting better and better each day, and she was gazing intently at me eating eggs the other day, mimicking my chewing. I thought, "This kid is ready." We just needed a high chair, because the thought of wrangling her and dealing with cereal all over the place didn't sound that great.

So we made our every-other-monthly trip to Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby and got her a high chair. I was having a moment when it came to assembling it, so J took over:

Tab A goes into slot B...
(and man, we have a lot of crap on our horizontal surfaces. Must fix that...)

Ta da!
Just so you know, it's not color coordinated with any of her other stuff. It sort of goes with the wall color in the kitchen, but that wasn't intentional and we are more of a mix and match family. I think our social worker called us "eclectic". We almost went with a garish underwater pattern, that's how little we care.

We gave it a test drive with some toys. As you can see, S, took right to it. I think she just liked being upright and having a new vantage point.

OK, time for cereal!

"Hmmm, this isn't too bad. Wait, is that a camera? Hi!"

"Wait, I have to get my hands in there. I want cereal on as much of my body as possible."

Unphotographed: her chewing on the duck's foot on her bib, and her fingers. There was rice cereal everywhere.

"OK Daddy, let's hit the bottle."

Also unphotographed: her meltdown because she was overtired after all of this excitement.

We did cereal again this morning and she took several spoonfuls before she demanded her bottle.

Stay tuned for pureed fruit and veggies!


Amy (MyColonyNJ) said...

yay for cereal :) She looks so cute in her chair.

Lindsay said...

She looks so cute in her high chair!