Thursday, May 27, 2010

S had her first playdate today

And I didn't take any pictures :(

My friend Amy came over today and brought her adorable daughter Cora with her. Cora is 9 months old, so it was fun to see what S is going to look like by the end of the year. Cora is also the spitting image of her father, and is the cutest thing you ever did see. I wanted to eat her up!

It was so much fun watching 2 babies check each other out. S loves new faces, so she thought this was a pretty cool experience.

Thanks for coming over, Amy. I hope to return the favor soon.

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Amy (MyColonyNJ) said...

Thanks for having us - it was fun - sorry we had to cut it so short, I was looking forward to some shortbread LOL.

When I got in the car, I realized that there were no pictures too. Oh, well, we will take double next time.

we have to do it again soon.