Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pictures of cuteness

Certain people get after me if I don't post enough pictures of the nugget. So here goes, with commentary.

J's grandmother bought her this adorable denim dress. And as usual, if I don't use a flash, photos turn into somewhat blurry action shots. Note that she's already kicked off a sock. Not 5 minutes after I put it on her.

This reminds me of the ETrade baby commercial, where he says, "This is my shocked face."

S getting acquainted with her baby doll from Nana.

S tells Daddy a story. She's been "talking" a lot, especially in the morning. Apparently we have to know what she dreamed about.

S's "neutral" face. Not happy, not frowning. Just hangin'

And then we go to full on happy. Note the sleeper matches the burp cloth (go WalMart). And it's another blurry action shot. Yeah, we don't have to worry about lethargy with this one.

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