Sunday, April 4, 2010

One month old!

Holy crap, how did that happen??? She's already a month old.

I did take this on her actual 1-month birthday (4/3), even though I'm posting today. She didn't sleep much yesterday, so Daddy hung out with her sleeping on him (when she did sleep) or we were trading off with her while the other person got some work done around the house.

Our little girl is starting to show her personality. She's definitely a morning person. When she gets up for her 8/9am feeding, she hangs out on the changing table for a while just giggling and cooing, and moving her arms and legs. I want to just hang out there all day.

She's starting to smile more, and to learn that it's a good thing. I'm still not quite sure if she knows how cool it is, but it's so nice to see.


Mari said...

I can't believe she's one month old either!

Time flies!

She looks so big! And so adorable!

Happy monthday Baby and Momma! (and Daddy!)

Jennie said...

She's precious!

I love the idea of the blocks spelling out 1 month right next to her.