Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow day

Yes, we were part of the seeming majority of the country that got snow today. We knew it was coming for days--my boss even showed up in my office yesterday morning and said, "Stay home." I had a conference call this afternoon, and he wanted me near a phone, not on the road fighting ice, sleet, snow, and other drivers. Hey, what can I say? He had a point.
The weather folks were predicting the snow to start between 6 and 9 am. They were only off by a half hour--the flurries first came in our area around 9:30. They didn't stay flurries for long.

For whatever reason, I always use the evergreen in our yard as a snow indicator. This was late morning.
And a nice video of the snowfall. It was SO quiet...
This was about 2pm, before the plows had arrived.
I love these shots. I accidentally left the flash on, so it caught the snow falling. GIANT flakes!
By noon J was home as well. Hobbes had been chomping at the bit to at least look outside. Must be the Siberian in him. We decided to give him a shot at the great outdoors.
Still thinking about whether this snow thing is a good idea.
Scurrying back into the house after eating some greens and prancing in the snow.
An action shot with the snow on his head.
It was a good day :)
The snow had ended, and J even hit the driveway with the snowblower. All is well.

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