Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thank goodness it's over

I'm a very apolitical person. I hate politics in general, mostly because I seem to hear a bunch of people who make promises they can't/won't keep, and when people stop listening to that, the candidates attack the other guy (or gal) running against them. I also come from a "mixed marriage" of a Southern Democrat married to a moderate Republican, and I was raised to not discuss politics or religion in polite conversation. I live in a little town where all politics is local, and I'm much more interested in who's running as my tax auditor than who's running for president.

I do pay attention, though, especially this year. I had a tough time with who I would choose for President, since neither candidate was perfect (admit it), and each was against certain issues that I support. And neither of them talked about those issues much, if at all.

I also live in a swing state. So the husband and I were bombarded with phone calls and mail this election. McCain was going to take away my right to an abortion. Obama was going to take away my money and give it to the rest of America. And so on.

I came home from a business trip last night to find 12 voicemails on my answering machine. All but one were campaign-related. We had calls from Obama, McCain, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, and a bunch of random folks representing both sides of the issues. I didn't listen to a single one of them, especially since I had already voted. The husband threatened to answer the phone all day and night and tell people he was voting for Ron Paul.

So now it's over. We have a new president-elect, and no matter what party you support, you have to admit it's amazing that the US of A has elected an African-American president.

I'm looking forward to a quiet house without the phone ringing off the hook, TV with commercials touting ED drugs instead of bashing political candidates, and junk mail promising me a great refinancing interest rate.

Happy post-Election Day, everyone.

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