Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Georgia on my mind

For the last several years, I've wanted to visit Savannah. I attempted a girls' trip here with my mom in April, but--things happened, and plans fell through. My wonderful husband said it would make a great 40th birthday present for me. My college girlfriends agreed, and all 4 of us met up for a weekend together.

The picture above is from Forsyth Park, one of the many parks and squares in Savannah. We took a long walk through the area this weekend, including the riverfront. We even got into an open house for a historical home for sale along the park. Anyone have a spare $1.5 million?

The architecture in Savannah is gorgeous, as evidenced by these shots from St. John the Baptist Cathedral. I could have spent half the day in there looking at the stained glass and the frescoes painted on the walls.

A visit to lowcountry wouldn't be complete without pictures of Spanish moss. My mom told me that she and her mom used to dye it different colors for Christmas decorations when she was growing up.

And then there's the food. We got a package deal at the Marshall House, which gave us a discount at one of 5 fabulous restaurants in Savannah. We decided on The Olde Pink House, and we weren't disappointed. We each got a different appetizer to share with the table, and did the same with our entrees. We were a little stingier with dessert ;) I got the praline basket filled with fruit. Yum!

The husband and I definitely want to return to Savannah. There are a few more shops and squares we didn't get to see, and I know they're just waiting for us...

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