Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Anniversary Weekend!

Oh, the food we had.

We decided to save our money this year, and just treat ourselves to a nice dinner Saturday night, along with a champagne brunch Sunday morning. Both delivered beyond expectations.

We visited the Cherry Valley Bistro for dinner Saturday. Our appetizers were awesome--crab cakes for the husband and roasted beets with field greens and bleu cheese for me. We each had steak and for the first time ever, I finished my dinner before my husband did. It was so tender I didn't even need the knife. We shared some of the smoothest merlot I've ever tasted, as well as chocolate cake and a berries n cream martini for the husband. I got tea in the cutest tea pot ever. I've already found it online and it will be mine soon.

Brunch was at the Stroudsmoor Inn, and exceeded expectations. Everything was included--a giant buffet, plus extras if you ordered from the kitchen (I had eggs Benedict), mimosas, champagne, and/or bloody Marys, and dessert. I forgot how good German chocolate cake can be. All for $20 pp. Once again, we will definitely return.

I'm debating ever cooking for myself again. Just kidding ;)

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