Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dancing with the...Stars?

The husband and I started ballroom dance lessons last night. We figure it's a low-commitment activity, since it's only a 3-week class, and if we like it we can sign up for other dances that strike our fancy.

We're learning the waltz and the foxtrot. I must admit, of the 2 couples in the room, we had the best rhythm. OK, we're still counting in our heads and trying to remember which foot to start on half the time, but we got the steps down pretty well and my husband can even guide me around the floor without us looking like idiots.

I must admit, now I realize why my husband gets nervous when I drive the car (meaning he has no control over things). When dancing backward in a finite space, it's very odd to know that you're quickly approaching a wall or other obstacle and you have to trust your partner not to send you crashing. So far, so good ;)


Amy (MyColonyNJ) said...

yay! sounds like fun. You are so fancy :)

d said...

That does sound like fun!