Wednesday, January 8, 2014

NY Resolution: Week 1

So my new year's resolutions were as follows:

1. Try at least one new Pinterest recipe/project per week
2. Work on at least one unfinished knitting project per month
3. Some as yet undefined exercise resolution, which I decided was going to be at least 10 minutes of exercise a day. Gotta start small, yo.

After one week, here's how we stand

1. I tried apple flaxseed muffins, per this recipe

Verdict: awful. I'm pretty sure flour needed to be added somewhere in there, but I was a good little soldier and followed it to the letter. After 25 minutes of baking, I had squishy, soggy muffins that went into the trash. J was disappointed.

2. I decided to work on my second Pisqu sock, to match the one I already made.

Verdict: so far, so good. I had to rip back several rows, as I dropped a stitch making a fancy braid. But I'm still plugging along.

3. Pretty much anything went in this category

Verdict: I've only missed one day of exercise. I made up for it by building a snow fort with S the next day. And J set up the treadmill again. I can head down to the basement throw in some laundry, fire up the Smartphone, and do an interval circuit.

So all in all not a bad week so far. I have a chicken recipe from Pinterest that I'm going to try tonight. I expect it will go better than the muffins. I plan to work on the sock during S's naptime today (and maybe at sit n knit on Friday). And there's a high-intensity short training module I want to try this weekend. It's scientific, y'all!

And since most of you come here to see pix of the babe, here she is, freezing her butt off in Newport with Daddy and Grania.

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