Tuesday, January 14, 2014

From the mouths of babes

A slightly rambly post on my clever child.

Last week, on the way to school, S was pointing out all the old bird nests she could see in the trees as we passed by. She informed me that tomorrow the birds would come and lay eggs. I told her that would happen in the spring, at which point she told me that some of the birds would adopt some eggs. Thank you Dinosaur Train. The next thing I know, she's asking whose bellies various family members grew in, all the while putting together the family relationships.

I asked her whose belly she grew in. Smart kid that she is, she announced that "I grew in J's belly, and she took care of me for a few days, and then you and Daddy adopted me into your family".

::swelling with pride::

Tonight she started talking about mommies and daddies. She asked if I could help find her a husband when she grows up. I need to remember with when she's 23! I told her she might find one herself, and she said, "I might have to take some time to choose, because there are a lot of mans in the world." You got that right, kid.

She then proceeded to tell me she needed to find a man as handsome as Daddy. He is indeed handsome.

And just because most of you come here to see pictures of her:

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