Tuesday, October 22, 2013

'Tis the Season

That's right, it's fall

And we've been taking advantage of it.

J took S to the pumpkin patch while I got my hair done.

Love those colors
They had quite the haul

That evening we had a pumpkin carving/painting party

J the artist at work

His capable apprentice
The cat pumpkin she painted for Hobbes
J shows off his scary pumpkin
I just kept painting different sides of my pumpkin. Here's my version of Hobbes
And a starry witch's hat
Check out those hands!
Our jack o lanterns. S designed the one on the right all by herself
Every year around Halloween, the werewolf goes into our shower. It's a tradition ever since I lived in Maryland, and he always turns up just in time to get into position
Once we had the house and pumpkins sorted, we decided to drive to NH to see the fall leaves. It was a perfect day



Happy fall!

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