Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cute things my kid is saying

I was belting out I Will Survive to the car radio on the way to school this week. As it ended, S demanded we find another girl singing a song. After a few minutes I found one. She sighed and said, "Ah, that's better."

S wanted to play with a rather large rock at school the other day, and threw a fit when I told her that wasn't an appropriate toy (I had yard duty that day). The next day she announced her teacher threw her rock over the fence (I'll bet she did!). Today she spirited home 3 small rocks--"I put them in my pocket so Miss V wouldn't throw them over the fence." Smart kid!

We were driving home, and she saw a boot hanging from an overhead wire. "Who does that belong to, Mommy? They need it back, because they'll have one bare foot! They might walk on rocks and get a boo boo!" When I added that they also might get a cold foot, she said, "Well, if they have a sock on it will be better."

And we can't leave without her rock star impression. Turn the volume way DOWN

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