Sunday, September 23, 2012

Road trip!

There was a quiet weekend staring us in the face, and J suggested we go somewhere. We LOVE Keene and Harrisville, NH. So J found a cute boutique hotel, and we threw S in the car and headed out.

Our hotel (the Lane Hotel, for those interested ;) was great. Huge room, very comfortable, free breakfast and parking, heart of town. What more could we ask for? We found a yarn store for me, a kids' consignment sale (got a deal on a princess castle for S), and had a nice lunch.

Then we headed home on the scenic route.

S ready to hit the Harrisville General Store. She was a star

Playing at the Children's Center playground

The obligatory sandbox shot

Daddy posed for a portrait

Mommy took pictures of waterfalls

It was a really nice weekend break. We hope to go back again for my birthday. Squee!

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