Friday, September 14, 2012

An open letter to American Airlines

This rant is based on a post on my national Adoption board. It seems that one of our members has a friend who recently adopted a child in another state. When she and her husband checked in at American Airlines, they had a car seat and a stroller for their new baby. And the adoption paperwork showing they were going to pick her up. This couple, who had already spent thousands of dollars in adoption fees, and countless hours to complete the adoption process, were charged $100 to check their baby items. Because they didn't have a baby with them. They showed their paperwork, and spoke to a manger, and were still charged. Because they didn't have their child with them yet. Yet there was no charge when they returned with their child.

Really? Are you going to make it that much harder for adoptive parents? Are you really that worried that people are going to "cheat the system" by lugging baby gear to the airport san kids and hoping for a free ride for the gear?

And your response to my complaint on your website? 5 paragraphs basically saying, "We got your complaint, didn't read it, and we listen to our customers."

I already avoid your airline like the plague due to crappy flying experiences. This is just the icing on the cake.

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d said...

What's the logic of having to pay for it wthout having a kid with you? Like...why does the fee magically disappear once the child appears?