Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This one's for my brother

And Maw. And Joanne.

My family is very crafty and creative, and so is J's. Lots and lots of talent.

My brother was my Secret Santa in our family gift exchange this year. I think he had a little help ;) but he picked out some cool knitting stuff for me. This included a book chock full of knitting patterns, and some yummy yarn. One of the patterns is a button tunic for S (that picture does NOT do it justice). You knit a contrasting color at the bottom, then fold it up and secure with buttons. Instant pockets for all those things toddlers love to collect.

I started it this weekend:

It's going to be so cute. The pocket hem will be a coral-y pink. So girly :)

We also liked to buy gift cards to our local yarn shop in northeastern PA for J's Maw when we lived there. We figured it was a fun way for her to try out a new place and check out some fun yarn to make her creations. And I loved this store. Sad to say, since we relocated I just haven't found the same mix of hometown comfort and amazing knitting knowledge that I found there. Heck, the first time I took Maw, she ended up drinking tea and discussing bobbles with the owner.

Anyhoo, since we don't live there any more, Maw can't come shop, but she still had a gift card to burn. She gave it to me and said I should find something to make S. So I found a cool pattern, and some oh-so gorgeous yarn.

I started that dress this week:

It's not much now, but it's going to be fabulous.

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