Thursday, March 8, 2012


  • The new dishwasher is finally in. It has 2 small dents and we need S's tiny fingers to use the hidden controls (which was the point of having them, so S couldn't use them). But it's in.
  • S has had a rough week where she HAD to have a parent sleep with her at naptime or bedtime. More at bedtime than naptime, which made for an exhausting week. But she seems to have turned the corner and went to sleep on her own tonight. Hurray.
  • Boston broke a temperature record today, at 68 degrees. We spent quite a bit of time outside
  • Somehow Season 3 of Sons of Guns started last week, and we didn't find out until today
  • I watched a behind the scenes show about Downton Abbey, and I now feel like I get the gist of it. Which has now sucked me into watching all of Season 1. Thank you Hulu
  • I am doing more projects from Pinterest than I thought I ever would. Huzzah.

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