Monday, March 7, 2011

12 month stats, and pictures to make my mom happy

S had her 12 month checkup this morning. The ladies at the front desk couldn't believe she was a year old already. She's holding steady at 20 pounds (all that walking doesn't allow for much weight gain), and has shot up to 30 inches tall. The doctor said she may be "petite". Other than 2 shots (which didn't bother her in the least), it was a very uneventful appointment. Just the way we like it.

When we got home, I put some of S's clothes away and went through her closet as I tend to do pretty often. I toss out all the clothes she's outgrown, put the current sizes front and center, and organize them the best I can while a small person is flinging clothes and hangers all over her room. I remembered that her birthday outfit came with a poofy skirt, and decided to put it on her.

Gotta love the cankles.

Now, I don't put her in a lot of frilly or girly stuff. Heck, half the time she looks like a boy. At this age I don't think she needs anything too fancy. As someone who has mostly crawled until recently, dresses are (literally) a drag because they hit right at the knee and stop momentum. And she's just going to get food all over it anyway. But I'll admit she looked adorable.

Of course, as I was taking her skirt off, I decided to see how it looked on her head. J shot this picture right before S ripped it off.

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