Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Side effect of being a stay at home mom

Political surveys

I think the 3rd one of this election season was this morning.

Now, I am by no means a political person, and the whole topic generally leaves me bored, or cringing. Although J has convinced me to watch the McLaughlin group. It tells you a little about my apolitics when I say our first order of business is to critique how everyone is dressing that Sunday.

Today's survey was designed to determine whether I would vote for the Democrat (incumbent) or Republican candidate for state senate. It again shows my apolitics when I couldn't pick them out of a list of names. The guy read them to me and I said I'd never heard of them.

I suspect we'll get more as time goes on. I'm a perfect person to target. Stay at home, watch/listen to the news, don't belong to a political party, don't vote along party lines, interested in the issues but not the rhetoric.

I'm sure by November I'll be glad the season is winding down.

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