Monday, September 20, 2010

Busy week around these parts

My parents visited this week, arriving Tuesday morning. They were here for only one reason, really:

That's my dad hanging out with S, enjoying her presence

That's my mom, hugging her granddaughter.

There was a lot of playing on the floor and watching S do her thing. Especially since she's figured out how to sit up on her own for extended periods of time.

The main reason for the family GTG was S's baptism, which happened yesterday. I'm going to show a lot of pictures, for many reasons. First off, my kid is cute. Second, our friend Bruce took some awesome pictures of the whole thing from start to finish. And I'm a good Catholic girl who likes to show off our Sacraments. So here goes:

S in her pre-baptism dress. We got this from a friend of the family, and we love it. We don't take her out to much in the way of fancy parties, but this qualified.

We started off S's baptism with a song. My friend Ann, who directs our church choir, volunteered to play for us. It was beautiful.

S was resplendent in her baptismal gown. Here she is with her parents and godparents as the priest explained the baptism to everyone present. We were asked what S's name was, what we wanted for her (baptism), and she got the sign of the cross from us and her godparents, as well as some oil on her chest. The priest read a reading and gave a little sermon, and it was time for the best part:

S was so good when she got the water on her head for her baptism. I was worried that she would cry as soon as cold water his her head, but she just hung out and took it all in. J kept a good hold on her the whole time ;)

After her baptism, S got some oil on her head, a white bib to symbolize her baptism, and a pretty candle that Tapa got to hang onto for her. Mommy and Daddy got some blessings, and we were done! Now it was time for the photo op:

The parents and godparents with the priest who baptized S

My mom with J's Maw

S and J with J's mom and Maw

Then we went home and had cake!

S did great all day. I think she knew it was a big day and there was going to be lots to see and do. She crashed big-time when it was all over.

Happy Baptism, Little!

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