Sunday, August 22, 2010

Halloween, crochet, and our baby

For a while, we weren't planning much for S's first Halloween. She won't even be 8 months old yet, which means no candy and no memory of the event. But as the weather has started to cool ever so slightly, I've started thinking about it more. Then I saw a panda costume on ebay for $5, and I won the auction. So now she will be dressing up.

Around this time I was on one of my many message boards, and a gal wanted to figure out how to crochet a pumpkin hat for her baby. I started poking around for patterns, and found a really cute, easy one. I picked up some yarn on Friday, and during one of S's naps today I started her hat. It was done by dinnertime (I told you it was easy):

So cute!

J liked it too. So much that he had to model it:

I haven't got a shot of it on S yet. I had an opportunity, but she was wearing a pumpkin hat on her head and a summer dress on the rest of her! I'll get something a little more matchy matchy first ;)