Saturday, August 7, 2010

Everything's coming up roses

Despite deer, a groundhog (living under the neighbor's porch!), various insects, and an exterminator who sprayed something that killed ladybugs, our roses are thriving.

We have 3 climbers. Make that 4, but I keep forgetting about the one I just tossed in the front yard. 2 of the climbers are slowly making their way up the pillars on our front porch. I got a giant trellis for the one I finally put in a good spot. J asked why I got such a tall trellis for something that wasn't going to grow very high. It's now over halfway up the thing. Guess I showed him.

The 2 climbers on either side of the porch are blooming away right now, and they're blooming in giant clusters. Which makes it easy to cut them for the table.

I apologize for the less than ideal picture. I should have used natural light.

These are from the climber called Irish Heartbreaker. A few days later, I took cuttings from Dublin Bay. The roses are larger, and a slightly darker red. They all opened up while they were sitting on the table, and they look gorgeous.