Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another multi-purpose post (or, what I've learned lately)

Lesson 1: check out your property before you buy a blueberry bush. All of 2 of the blueberries in that picture are from my purchased bush. The others are from the wild ones growing between us and our neighbors (sigh).

Powdered milk may or may not be a good deer and bunny deterrent, but ants LOVE it! The exterminator came by about 3 hours after I took that picture, and watched streams of ants carrying away grains of powdered milk.

Spiders can be cool

Onions can overwinter, even when it gets to be brutally cold in PA.

Taking a chance on a mildly difficult knitting project can pay off.

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trina said...

You have blueberry bushes!? That's so cool!