Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hook Em Horns! (or, my mom lied to me)

When I first suggested Austin as the meeting place for our girls' trip this year, my mom said, "Oh, that would be cool. I've never been to Austin." This was a surprise to me, since she spent her formative years living in Texas, and while it's a big state, I would assume at some point she'd been there.

On our first full day in town, she suggested we visit the UT Austin bookstore. She's a sucker for college bookstores, since she likes to collect pencils, and there are definitely pencils in a college bookstore. On our way there, she said, "You know, I haven't been here in 42 years."

Now, considering I'm 40, my mom is a little older than 42, so I asked what she meant. "Oh yeah, I used to come to frat parties at UT Austin all the time when I was in college." When I mentioned her telling me she'd never been here, she looked at me like I was nuts. Now I'm wondering who exactly has the selective memory.

We got out of the car, and right across from the garage was this lovely sight:

Mom said, "Look, there's Bevo!"

Why is he in a cap and gown, you might ask? We picked graduation weekend to visit Austin. Hence the lack of hotel space in the downtown area.

Mom posed with Bevo, thinking back on her glory days where frat parties were de rigeur.

Oh, and she got her pencil.

By the way, you're probably wondering about that nastiness at the top of this post. While we were at the 80,000 square foot Whole Foods, I checked out the bakery dept. and saw those lovely cupcakes for sale. I'm not sure if you ever visit the website known as Cake Wrecks, but you really should. And maybe, just maybe, that UT nastiness will be there. Because when I saw that cupcake, the first part of a person's anatomy I thought of wasn't a hand doing the "hook 'em horns" gesture.
Just sayin'

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