Sunday, January 11, 2009

Forgotten pictures

Well, not exactly forgotten.

Way back in April 2008 I posted this. I mentioned that I picked up a disposable camera during my trip to Chicago and used it while I was walking along Michigan Avenue. Turns out I had a few shots left, so I took it to Shreveport to see my family. The camera sat in my kitchen cabinet until last month, when I finally got pictures developed. I got them back today.
Sears Tower on a cloudy/rainy day
Some ginormous building I encountered on my walk. Anyone want to tell me what it is? Michelle, does it look familiar?
The old water works building on Michigan Avenue
Millenium Park on a sunny spring day
OK, off to Louisiana
My welcome basket from my brother, sister in law, and nephew. Complete with animal crackers, a favorite of mine since the age of 3 or so
Flower baskets in Natchitoches
Sign showing our historic home was somewhere up the road
Desmond and his daddy. Mommy was shopping for jam at the Natchitoches farmer's market
My new favorite picture of Desmond. He looks so little!