Saturday, May 11, 2013

Back from Tahoe

It's been another whirlwind month, including more illness (please spring, just come and stay for a while). Our goal was to make it to our vacation in Tahoe with my family. Here's a look at our week away:

S, ready to rock and roll on our first flight out of Boston. No, that's not a tattoo. That's my phone number written on her arm. Just in case.

We found a La Quinta in Reno the night we got in. This is S assuming the position as her favorite cartoon comes on

The village mentality that was our week together. All the grownups helped out with all the kiddos, and it worked out great. Especially since J was in bed for 3 days during the trip.

There was a lot of cooking. Dad made this amazing salad caprese for Mom and me for lunch one day

I was stuck on east coast time most of the week, so I got up early every morning and walked with Dad.

We got to see some nice scenery

Mom is slowly recovering from her, um, interesting spring. She drank a lot of green smoothies and read a lot of NY Times on her vacation. The girls took her out to lunch..

...which featured beer. Lots of beer

S had a blast with her cousins. They all left for a day and she cried. Until she remembered there was a hot tub to play in

One day was Scrabble Day. We're raising a Scrabble champion. Her big test will be beating Tapa someday
We were very excited to find out that we get to visit the same house again next year. Dates to be determined, but Tapa said something about visiting when it snows. S will be very prepared for that! We can't wait for more family meals, stories by the fire, walks by the river, family bonding, wine and homemade beer, hot tubbing, and general relaxation.

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