Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Another snow day

Poor S ::insert sarcasm:: She hasn't gotten to play in the Big Snow at her house. We remedied that today.

Gearing up to head out. Her good waterproof mittens were in J's truck, so we had to go with fabric ones. I was convinced she'd get cold hands in 20 seconds and want to come back in.

We decided to investigate the back yard first. For some reason S doesn't usually go back there. This should give you an idea of how much snow we had. It looks like she's walking on a glacier

We moved on to the front yard, where there was a ton more snow.

We found her storage box (that's the beige thing on the left). It had tipped over on its side, so I dug out a bucket for S to use. This is her, thigh-deep in snow, digging deep to get snow for her bucket.

She used it for the snowman we built on the deck. Yes, we had enough snow left just on the deck for probably 3 snowmen

S wanted more "snow treasure". Note how high she is compared to J's car
This California girl also started building a snow fort. No pictures yet, it looks more like a firepit made of snow at this point. Maybe I'll work on it with the upcoming snow we're getting *sigh*

BTW, her mittens were sopping wet when we got in, but she never said anything while we were outside. Even when digging in the snow and throwing snowballs at me. This kid LOVES the cold. Loves.

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