Friday, January 18, 2013

So, this is an interesting age

I've never been one to be particularly maudlin about S hitting another milestone, or getting another year older. There's always something new to look forward to. I mean, I really enjoyed this age:

And this age

And definitely this age
The first few months of 2 were a challenge
But that just meant S was getting more and more independent, and curious, and interactive.
So now my baby is getting closer and closer to turning 3. The tantrums have started. She had a meltdown the other day because her fitted sheet didn't match her flat sheet. And J and I wouldn't let her eat apple pie off the floor. Bad, bad parents. But the questions, comments, and nonstop songs that are coming out of her mouth are a-do-rable. And she wants to do everything. Out of the blue she requested that we cut out Valentine's hearts, so we spent an afternoon with scrapbooking paper and scissors. We almost have enough for a wreath :)
So today we made play dough
Actually, the whole day was scripted during an almost-meltdown yesterday. First S would go to preschool. Check. Then she would come home and help me make play dough. Check. Of course there would be some playing with her new play dough. Then she would take a nap, and go to the YMCA to swim, and then she would have some Pez after dinner. I am happy to report that we accomplished all her almost-3-year-old hopes and dreams. I am exhausted, but we had a great day. Tomorrow may involve a trip to the winter farmer's market. They usually give her a treat. Hurray :)

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trina said...

I made the dudes call your brother yesterday morning before school because I was done trying to reason with their totally reasonable demands - one of them was in tears because I wouldn't stand in his trap and let him drop the wooden Melissa and Doug knife on my head and the other one wanted to the go to the beach. It does continue to be interesting.