Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Where does the time go?

Certainly not hunched over a computer doing regular blog posts!

We made homemade play dough

We dressed like a California girl

We went to a fancy dress party with Daddy

We watched Uncle Bruce get his 10th Degree Black Belt

We had breakfast at Grania's

Mommy made some socks

I carried a dandelion to the berry farm

We fed some goats...

...and some sheep

We looked at the pretty lambs

And climbed. A lot

That's what's going on around here. We drove to PA last weekend, where Daddy did some martial arts, and we got to go a banquet! Uncle Bruce got his 10th degree black belt, and we were all there to see it happen. We spent some time with Grania and Maw, then headed back to Massachusetts.

Today we went to Ward's Berry Farm. Mommy likes it because there's a playground, animals, a sandbox, a farm store, and sandwiches and smoothies. Daddy liked being off for the day and enjoying some family time. We saw all the animals (the ponies were gone for the day), then played on the playground and had some lunch. Before we left, we picked up some yummy berries and baked goods. Mommy will be doing a lot of cooking this week!

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