Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another "what we've been up to" post

This summer is almost as busy as last year, just with stuff going on all.the.time instead of driving between 2 states. Every time I look at the calendar I get tired. This week was no exception.

Insisting on getting buried with her puzzle pieces. I've never seen a kid so happy to be "stuck"

Modeling our Sesame Street visors from her birthgrandma

...and her "princess dress"

The annual Boston Irish Festival was just down the road from us this weekend. The festival kicked off with a concert by Gaelic Storm, one of our favorite bands. We haven't seen them since before S came along, so we were excited to all go as a family.

More than ready to see Gaelic Storm

On her way with Grania and Daddy

S had a wonderful time at the concert. She was full of energy well into the night, and played with every kid in the vicinity. The boy near her had a Gaelic Storm donkey, and she had to have one too. Daddy bought her one, and she hasn't let go of it since. She sleeps with it every night.

We spent parts of Saturday and Sunday roaming the grounds and checking out the rest of the festival. Grania spent some time at the genealogy tent, we listened to more bands, and S spent some time in the kids area.

Waving while riding the train

She was ever so still while getting her arm painted

Lovely finished product

After all that excitement, you'd think it was time to relax at home. Nope, we decided it was time to assemble her oh-so exciting water table she got for her birthday. I think she likes it.

In the meantime, we have been watching our gardens grow.


Beans and peas

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Wendy said...

Just read your post. My sisters are HUGE Gaelic Storm fans. Seriously huge. Like they have seen hundreds of their shows! I'm pretty sure they are getting ready to see them at a couple of Irish Fests coming up this summer and I believe they saw them on the Rock Boat a couple months ago. Just thought it was cool that you guys like them, too!