Saturday, October 29, 2011

What we've been up to lately

Reading our books. All of them.

Learning a new word

Trying on Daddy's shoes

Checking out our first snow in Boston

Wearing Mommy's shoes

Decorating for Halloween

Trying out a new toy

Visiting with friends old and new

About that last picture. Mommy's friends from way back when she lived in Baltimore came to visit. They live in England. Mommy hasn't seen the grownups in a long time, and she'd never met their two delightful boys. We had a lovely day of playing outside, eating wicked good Chinese take-out, and catching up. Daddy showed off his armor and played. I took a short nap, but there was too much going on to stay in my room for long.

Tomorrow we're going out in the second snow of the season :)

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trina said...

So fun! I love these pictures, and of course, getting to hear her new vocabulary.