Saturday, May 14, 2011

A (crafty) picture to make my mom happy

When we travel, my souvenir idea is local yarn so I can make something to remind me of the place. It turns out there was a yarn store near our house in Tahoe. My mom, my sister in law and I headed over to it near the end of a day of shopping.

I found a really pretty hand-dyed yarn and a pattern for a wrap sweater for S. And I had my mom pick out some gorgeous sock yarn to make her some socks. While we were at it, my mom found a great pattern book and a pattern for ribbed wrist warmers. She thought they'd be great for her to wear when she and Dad spend time in Carmel.

I only managed to finish one of the pair while I was in Tahoe, but I finally got the second one done this week:

I just hope Mom knows where the mate is!

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trina said...

Nice! My souvenir was a butterfly cookie cutter from that great cooking store in town.