Saturday, December 4, 2010

9 months! (1 day late)

This was right after S got out of bed, and before breakfast, so she was still waking up a bit

After breakfast, before Puffs. She just wanted me to put the camera down.

Celebrating her 3/4 birthday with Daddy. They had a wonderful time.
S had a good 9-month birthday. She ate, she played, she napped, and she repeated. When Daddy got home, we went out to dinner at our favorite diner (they even brought her a bowl of applesauce) and hit the grocery store. S was SO tired, but she wanted to see all the pretty colors and lights at the store.
She slept great last night and has spent most of the morning with Daddy. We measured her on her growth chart, and she's 27" tall. Sweet.

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